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How to Remove Spyware Strike from your Computer.

Spyware Strike is a trojan which displays an icon in your system tray telling you your computer is infected with spyware. Once clicked on, this trojan will further infect your computer system - it automatically runs on every Windows startup. This link has detailed instructions on removing Spyware Strike. Along with an Automatic SpywareStrike removal software download. http://www.2-spyware.com/remove-spywarestrike.html If you have any other questions or this doesn't solve your problem - please send an e-mail to this address: contact@bizwaremagic.com Can't promise anything, but maybe we can help you further with your problem. Admin Spyware Removal Guide

This Guide RECOMMENDS: Spyware Doctor for removal of Spyware Strike - Just Click The Box!

Spyware Doctor!
Just running the Spyware Doctor will find and delete most of the infected files from your registry. Please Note - You can find the corrupt files by running the Free Doc, but you will have to shell out $30 to get the Program to delete the files for you or you can delete them manually yourself. Either way you may still have to manually rename 'wiatwain.dll' to something else, then restart and delete it. One way to solve your problem with Spyware Strike.

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