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----------------------------------- How to Rebrand This Tool@Kit -----------------------------------

Rebranding any e-book looks more complicated than it really is. Actually it's quite easy! Just run the Rebrander program and everything will fall into place. If you make a mistake - don't worry - just keep running the program until you're happy with the results. Should you have any problems - just drop me an e-mail with the subject 'rebranding problems' and I will help you. Kind Regards, Titus Hoskins,

FIRST STEP - Click here to get the Rebrander.
----------------------- 1. Instructions ----------------------- You should have just downloaded the 'Rebrander' file. Place this file in the SAME folder as this Tool@Kit. You should have before you two files that MUST be in the SAME folder. 1. optin.exe This is the ebook 'Opt-in Tool@Kit' you're reading now! 2. rebrander.exe This is the program you will run to rebrand this Tool@Kit. -------------------------------------- 2. What Rebranding Will Give You -------------------------------------- After the whole branding process you will have: * Your name, website and ezine on every page of this ebook or tool@kit! * Your affiliate links or ID's for over 20 products or programs including your affiliate link or nickname for ClickBank. If you don't have a ClickBank ID - just get one at this link PLUS * YOUR Links or Urls on 7 KEY LIST BOOSTER products If you have your own website (this tool@kit contains an inexpensive 'all-in-one' hosting/marketing package if you don't) you can can brand 7 of The List Boosters - these are products that you can easily place in your AutoResponder Series or Modified eCourse. But as an Added Incentive for you to promote this ebook - I will let you Rebrand the Bonus Gifts and List Boosters with your own branded copies of these products. This will reinforce the 'viral effect' of your letters or AR eCourse Series. List building is a numbers game - the more links you have pointing back to your website and ezine - the faster you will build your list. Until you get to the stage where you can create your own viral ebooks - using a whole series of other people's high quality products will do nicely. Especially when they are branded with YOUR links and affiliate Ids!!! -------------------------------------- 3. Overview of the Rebranding -------------------------------------- You will be rebranding the book with 22 fields. Field 1: Your Name Field 2: Your Ezine Field 3: Your Website Url Field 4: Your Website Title Fields 5: Your ClickBank nickname Fields 6-12: Your Special Bonus Gift and List Booster Links (see below) Fields 13-22: Other List Building Programs (see below) -------------------------------------- 4. Run the Rebranding Program -------------------------------------- Run the rebrand program rebrander.exe It will ask you to enter each of the above fields in turn Field 1: Your Name Field 2: Your Ezine .... and so on - if you enter the wrong info just rerun the program to to fix it -------------------------------------- 5. Check the Rebranding -------------------------------------- When all the fields are entered - run the new version of the Tool@Kit and all your ids should be in place. Just check all your affiliate links to make sure they are correct. Please note - sometimes cookies can fool up your links so make sure you clear your cookies first. ----------------------------------------- 6. You're Set to Go -------------------------------------- Just upload the optin.exe to your website and start promoting it.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Appendix A: Fields 6-12 Special Branding - PLEASE NOTE - Only enter your site url IF you have uploaded these .exe files to your site. Many of these .exe can be rebranded with YOUR information first! Check with each individual product for their branding instructions. BizWare Magic's Opt-in Email Tool@Kit [={yoursiteurlspecialbranding1}]/optin.exe Terry Dean How to Start your Own Traffic Virus [={yoursiteurlspecialbranding2}]/traffic.exe 101 Super Tips by Harvey Segal [={yoursiteurlspecialbranding3}]/101tips.exe Paul Myers Viral Study [={yoursiteurlspecialbranding4}]/viralstudy.pdf E-Course Magic [={yoursiteurlspecialbranding5}]/ecmbasics.exe 15 Free Instant Enzine Templates from Bob Basians [={yoursiteurlspecialbranding6}]/iet.exe The Magic Story [={yoursiteurlspecialbranding7}]/magic_story.exe Appendix B: Fields 13-22: Other List Building Programs. Affiliate Showcase[={affiliateshowcaseIDnumber}] Massive Passive Avertising Machine[={MPAMIDnumber}] Traffic Swarm[={trafficswarmIDnumber}] OptIn Storm[={OptInStormID}] Vertical Trip http://[={verticaltripID}] List Wave[={listwaveID}] 100 Deep[={a100deepID}] List Fire[={listfireID}] Cutting Edge International[={yourceintID}] 7 Deadly Sins of Marketing [={your7DSsiteURL}] ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~


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