2003 Bob Bastian. You have Master Resale RIghts to "Instant Ezine Templates" package. You may sell or give away Instant Ezine Templates. Please distribute the whole package (Templates ebook, branding software, and this instruction) if you want to sell or give away this product to others. You may use the templates for your own newsletter. You may NOT distribute the templates outside "Instant Ezine Templates" package. INSTRUCTIONS: You are able to customize all of ezine templates INSTANTLY with your own newsletter information: - Double click "brandible.exe" to open the branding software - Make sure that "iet.exe" file is closed to prevent "sharing violation". - Click 'open ebook' icon and look for "iet.exe" in your hard drive - You will see 6 branding field below. Change the existing information with your OWN information. Please change 'Brand Value' ONLY. Do NOT make any change in 'Brand ID' field. "%title%" Your ezine name (Ex. OmnIWebMarketing Newsletter) "%notes%" Write your slogan, circulation number or anything you like (Ex. #1 Internet Marketing Newsletter) "%yourname%" Your FULL NAME (Ex. Bob Bastian) "%url%" Your website's FULL URL (Ex. http://www.omniwebmarketing.com) "%email%" Insert your CONTACT EMAIL (Ex. you@yoursite.com) "%subscribe%" Your subscription email / autoresponder email (Ex. subscribe@autoresponder.com) - Click 'save' icon and close your branding software - Double click 'iet.exe' and you will find the templates already customized with your own information. Bizware Home