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... Intel Core i7 Processors

Intel Core i7 is the brand name for a whole group of high-end laptop and desktop 64-bit processors. These include mostly quad-core processors but also applies to the dual-core Arrandale models and the very top-level Gulftown Core i7-980X Extreme processor which sports six hyper-threaded cores.

Don't be confused by all the code names which Intel gives to these processors such as the Arrandale, Bloomfield, Lynnfield... and so on. When buying any laptop or PC, just check the number of cores the processors has and whether or not is has Turbo Boost?

Like Core i5 processors, the i7 processors come with Intel Hyper-Threading technology which makes multi-tasking possible.

The i7 also sports Intel Smart Cache which gives higher performance especially with the latest multi-threaded games and applications. You also have the Intel QuickPath Interconnect which was created for low latency and increased bandwidth, for example on the Extreme processor you can get data transfer speeds of 25.6 GB per second.

Here are some key features to remember about the i7 processor:

3.06 GHz, 2.93 GHz, and 2.66 GHz core speed
8 processing threads with Intel® HT technology
3 Channels of DDR3 1066 MHz memory
8 MB of Intel® Smart Cache

Again, if you're purchasing a laptop or computer with an Intel Core i7 processor, check out all the specs before you buy. When in doubt, always ask the salesperon or check for the same product model online to compare specs.

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