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TurboCharge Your Site With Article Writing

TurboCharge Your Site With Article Writing Writing articles related to your site's topic and syndicating these articles all over the web is a very effective way of marketing your site. This simple, yet effective marketing strategy will deliver targeted visitors, increase your rankings and boost your sales. In essence, article writing will 'TurboCharge' your site! Although it sounds more like a catch-phrase from a marketer's hype-fest, its the most appropriate phrase to describe the effect article writing will have on your web site. It perfectly sums up the major benefits of article marketing. Article writing will quickly: * boost one-way links to your site * help you brand your name or site * help sell or pre-sell your products * bring in plenty of targeted traffic * give you and your site more creditability The effects can sometimes be jarring... One minute, your site is humming along at its regular pace, then suddenly, you check your web logs and your stats has doubled or even tripled. There is a massive flood of visitors coming to your site. Sometimes, it may only be one site which picks up your article and features it in their ezine, bringing in targeted visitors to your site. Other times, it may be many sites and ezines displaying your articles, causing a large influx of guests to your site. All of the above has happened to me! First, some background - I had heard other marketers talk about the effectiveness of article writing for so long, I decided to give article writing a test-run and see the proof for myself. All good marketing theories need to be tested. Let me add, I am a 'marginal writer', grammar was never my strong point. I wouldn't know a dangling participle if I saw or wrote one. Despite my own limitations, I forged on... writing over 30 articles since January of this year - to view these articles and find out where some of them ended up, just google my name Except for a few generic marketing articles based upon my own experiences - I concentrated my articles on three main topics within my sites: RSS, Notebook Computers and Spyware. Finding and researching material for articles was not a problem. Online forums, subscribers' questions, and my own marketing tasks were a great source of ideas. Compiling and writing original articles that would stand out from the crowd was the hard part. Here are some pointers that I learned about article writing that may also help you: Find the Right Title - Choosing the right title will make or break your article, keep it short and put the main benefit of your article in your title, i.e. what will readers actually acquire from reading your article? Writing self-indulgent articles don't perform well at all. For example, my article 'A Leisurely Portrait of the Internet!' was a pleasure to write but it went nowhere - resulting in little or no traffic/links. On the other hand, my latest article 'Google Sitemaps Explained - How to Use Google Sitemaps' was picked up by some major quality sites... Keep Your Article Short and Concise - If you want your article to be pick up by ezines and placed on sites, keep it short (300-1200 Words) and to the point. I find articles in the 700 - 900 word range do very well, longer articles less so. Do A Spell and Grammar Check - Use a spell-checker or WordPerfect to check your articles. I also use Google as my proof reader. Not sure of a word or phrase, just google it! Keep in mind, if you make simple typos, or careless grammar mistakes, your articles may be circulating with Your Name and Your Mistakes... so do whatever it takes to present the most professional article that you can muster. Resource Box - Like the title, you must point out the benefits of clicking your links in your resource box which is displayed at the end of your article. Offering a free ecourse or ebook I found will improve your 'click thru rate'. Newsletter subscriptions also works. If you have presented a well written article that the reader has benefited from, that reader will want more from you - whether it's information, advice or even a freebie of some kind. Another crucial point about resource boxes, if you're keyword marketing, place your keyword or phrase in the anchor text of your links. Google will reward you handsomely for this simple little detail. So will the other search engines. Be Unique - Find your own voice. Be distinctive. Make yourself and your site stand out. But don't go overboard, writing concise, informative and helpful articles will bring enough interest and attention to your site. Narrowing and focusing in on one subject area will eventually make you an expert on that topic or subject. Syndicating your Articles - Online article directories are very good for this. Listed below are the major ones I use to get my articles 'out there'. Simple tracking tips, if you want to check the performance of difference article directories - just make a minor change in your article as you place it in each directory. Then as your article is spread around the web - you can check its source. However, always keep in mind, the NET is a 'numbers game' the more links you have out there the better your success rate. So spread your articles far and wide, and remember to also place your articles on your own site. To find out just how far articles have traveled, just place your article's title between quotation marks and Google this: My experiences with article writing were very beneficial to me. I was a little surprised at the high quality sites picking up and displaying my articles: addme, sitepronews, thetechzone, bonafidereviews, wwwcoder, buzzle, icemelon, devshed... and many more. It has tripled my site's links since January, Google indexed my site and started sending significant traffic my way. My traffic according to Alexa, is under 50,000 many weeks - my site even made it into the top 15,000 for a very short while. Those spikes in traffic also means more subscribers and more sales. I recently had over 200 subscribers to my ezine in one day - my site normally recieves around 5-10 new subscribers each day. I also found more people 'bookmarked' my site - resulting in more long term targeted traffic. My affiliate sales have increased, and since my page views are up, my Google Adsense earnings has also increased. I also believe article writing has helped in branding my site and also giving myself more creditability. In fact, my results have been so positive, I feel a 'disclaimer' coming on! Your results will vary according to your skill, effort and resources but article marketing is one of the best free marketing strategies you will ever have at your disposal. If you try only one new marketing technique this year, make it article writing. So go ahead, give your site the boost it deserves, 'TurboCharge' it with some of your best writing and experience the effects for yourself. Buckle up and both hands on the wheel! ---- Well respected Marketer Jason Potash has released some handy software that will syndicate your articles. Check it out here: Article Announcer Copyright 2005 Titus Hoskins of ----


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