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****BWMagic's Special Report&Guide on Strategic RSS Positioning!**** This Simple Report Shows How to Prepare Your Site For RSS. It Will Take You 'Step by Step' Through the Process of Optimizing and Enhancing Your Site With RSS. Make your Site RSS User-Friendly by downloading this Simple RSS Guide. Follow These Simple Directions and You Will Discover How the Power of RSS and Blogging Can Put Your Site In The Picture! All For Free! RSS is HOT - Microsoft has just announced the Next Windows will have RSS. Google has put out XML powered Sitemaps and Google Blog Search. RSS is marketing's next big wave! Along with this Free Report comes a subscription to WBMagic's RSS Ezine. BWMagic's RSS Articles have appeared on such sites as...,,,,, and many more. Keep up to date on RSS - Get RSS News, Views, Tools with this handy subscription! Home

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